Mississippi Music's mission is to provide quality, family friendly live music during summer months to celebrate our community, promote our downtown, and support the continued revitalization of our city.

The Bad Companions


August 9th, 2017

The Bad Companions are a Minneapolis band formed relatively recently in 2011. The players in The Bad Companions are a who’s who of players that have been fixtures of the Twin Cities rockabilly and roots music scene for years. The Vibro Champs, Stockcar Named Desire, Jack Knife and the Sharps, and Cadillac Kolstad are a few of the musical acts that have featured these players in the past. The Bad Companions blend modern themes, and a little bit of punk, with Rockabilly, Swingin’ Blues, and occasionally Surf music.  – C. Pulkrabek

The Brothers Burn Mountain


August 18th, 2017

For more than ten years, The Brothers Burn Mountain have been working in and around the upper Midwest and beyond. Their performances seem singular, and turn the unfamiliar into emphatic fans. In the music of this drum and guitar, brother duo, you can hear Rock, blues, folk, and more. But mostly, a good characteristic in their case, a succinct description of the music created by Ryan and Jesse Dermody is elusive. The word “sincerity,” may not specifically describe the sonic vibrations initiated by The Brothers Burn Mountain, but it is the best starting point to understanding what these brothers set out for when they make music.  – C. Pulkrabek

Tree Party


August 23rd, 2017

Take equal parts vintage country crooners like Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline, or even a Frankie Laine. Add a cup of folk, a cup of Americana, a tablespoon of a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, and gently, masterfully strain through blues and Rock influences. Pair generous portions with preferred refreshments. Serves tens to thousands. – C. Pulkrabek

Known Only Locally


August 30th, 2017

Known Only Locally first formed in Bemidji in the mid-1970’s as the perfect venue to present the original songs of extraordinary songwriter and musician Jim Miller, and they have been performing in one form or another ever since. After the release of their LP, I Have to Wonder in 1978 (recorded and produced by the late Gary Burger) and a tour in Alaska in 1980, the band played throughout Minnesota. Backed by Kristi Tell Miller on mando, Miriam Tell on guitar, and Gary Broste on bass, Jim Miller was featured on fiddle and guitar performing hundreds of songs he penned about our area and her people, social issues of the time and just great kick-ass songs that sent their many fans into dancing frenzies in bars, at festivals and concerts throughout Northern Minnesota. With the untimely passing of Jim Miller 4 years ago, KOL has graciously extended invitations for others to join them as their musical traditions continue. For Mississippi Music, Eric Carlson and Kate Tesar will be adding guitar and harmony vocals, and the up-and-coming young fiddle player, Sawyer Corcoran, will be opening the set.

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